Glenn Harcourt speaks of friendship

“This big old tree-North of Steeprock
must have been burned in a wildfire a long time ago- likely, before man lived there wildflowers bloomed It’s life’s foundation leaving it strong-even after it’s last breath.
Plumb, tall, leading the forrest for unknown years- as the fellows next to him grew- strong enough to lose one’s own footing and rest on the neighbors strength, still standing
leaning on friends
after unknown years”

As most of you know, Glenn left us in a tragic plane crash this spring, nothing that couldn’t have happened to me any day. I find his words and messages on my computer and they remind me to stop and appreciate the people who come through our lives. Posted by Picasa


Do you know where this is?

Most anyone who had lived in Telluride would recognize this landmark where the road from Paradox Valley ( see Thelma and Louise) meets the road into Moab. Its a fragment from the heyday of mprosspecting for Uranium, and at one time there was a little village there…not to far from La Sal. In the two creeks cafe there is a painting of an old truck under a slanted roof like this. I feel the building style has an eery modernist feel to it, and the desolation of its envirronment just contributes to it. Contrast this to the emptiness of the las Vegas strip, as seen from the wall of the Aladdin Casino Hotel. Posted by Picasa

Steep Rock Barn Project

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storm clouds near soldier summit on the road from Price

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Musicians at the farmers market

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birds of Utah

My friend Des Fitzgerald, just back from a year in Spain, told me to look into the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, apparently this area gets an amazing number and variety of migratory birds throughout the year. Posted by Picasa

Avenues houses

Most of the old homes are pretty well restored

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