Musical mnemonic Ice Cream man

While looking around some of the older in town neighborhoods I heard the sound of the Ice Cream truck bell. As a boy, this bell was my first experience of the mnemonic device. click here to read about this phenomenon ” Audio Logos “
As soon as I heard the bell I began to salivate for ice cream and sugar. The instant gratification mechanisim is thus planetd, later to find gambling, sex and everything else Vegas stands for. A moment after I took this picture a young Latina mom carried her little boy over to the truck for his fix. My theory is that this is where consumer culture gets started. Sorry. Posted by Picasa


2 responses to “Musical mnemonic Ice Cream man

  1. there is soemthing very eary abut this picture…the gates on the windows. soemthing peacful that is unsecure.

  2. Yes, the battered ice cream truck like a droid, searching the suburbs for souls. The bad music like a whale song.

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